01 June 2018 | 16 June 2018

The tournament in the “Campo de li Giochi” is exciting and it delights thousands of spectators. In this Challenge ten knights belonging to ten quarters compete for the Palio. 
These two weeks full of events begins on the first of June with the opening of the taverns and continues with two weeks full of concerts, shows and reenactments, which will bring the city back to the ancient baroque splendor.

From the first to the 16th of June in the 10 typical taverns you can enjoy the typical dishes of the seventeenth-century gastronomy.

The historical parade along the streets of the historical centre will take place on Friday, June 16, with its figures in sumptuous baroque dresses, strictly accurate to the precepts of fashion and iconography of the time.

The actual Tournament will be held on Saturday June 17 at 9 pm.